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1.  What is ac11® (The active ingredient found in DNA360™)?

ac11 is a patented, all natural, water soluble extract of a tropical plant known as Uncaria tomentosa.  ac11 is the registered trademark name under which ac11 also a registered trademark, formerly was known. The method by which ac11 is formulated is wholly proprietary to Optigenex.  From the raw material of the plant’s inner bark, our product is created through an aqueous hot water extraction process. It is then micro-filtered to remove all alkaloids (leaving less than 0.05%) and other high molecular weight compounds from the primary extract, and also to concentrate and standardize the Carboxy Alkyl Esters (CAEs) – the biologically active principal components in ac11 – Pure, bioactive ac11 is the only known plant extract in the world shown by research studies to enhance our natural DNA repair processes.

2.  What is DNA?

DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid. It is a double-stranded helix that carries our individual genetic codes.

3.  How important is DNA to our health?

DNA is the most important molecule in the body, and damage to this amazing molecule is the ultimate basis for aging and disease. It is the accumulation of damage to our DNA that accelerates the aging and disease process.

4.  What is Natural DNA Repair?

Natural DNA repair involves a series of enzymatic processes that remove lesions (damage) in our DNA caused by oxidative and non-oxidative stress, thus preserving genetic integrity and normal cell function. These processes begin at conception and end with death and occur several thousand times a day in the body. The more efficient our natural DNA repair processes are, the longer and healthier our lives can be.

5. What are Carboxy Alkyl Esters (CAEs)?

Carboxy Alkyl Esters (CAEs) are complex molecular chains that have been identified as the primary active components in ac11  –They are responsible for approximately 90% of the biological activity in ac11 relating to DNA repair and immune enhancement.

6. How does DNA repair affect our immune system?

Our immune cells, some of which live long lives, circulate through the body defending it in numerous ways. If the DNA in our immune cells is damaged by oxidative or non-oxidative stress, the cells cannot divide or else may divide in a manner impairing their function. Immune response as a result may be suppressed and disease may be more likely to take hold. This phenomenon is at the core of many age-related diseases.

 7. Doesn’t our genetic inheritance pre-determine our life spans and the gene-related diseases we may encounter in life?

Not necessarily. Our genetic inheritance does not guarantee that we will age exactly the same way as our family members, nor does it ensure that we must succumb to the same gene-related diseases. We can avoid certain environmental and dietary pitfalls that are known to accelerate aging and that may promote or trigger the onset of certain genetically or environmentally-based diseases. For example, we can avoid too much sun, cigarettes, excessive alcohol consumption, and unnecessary exposure to environmental pollutants, as well as try to regulate daily stress in our lives.  We can also choose an antioxidant rich diet, supplementing at the same time our nutritional intakes in smart ways to minimize cellular damage and improve the repair mechanisms built in to our cells. While antioxidants and foods rich in antioxidants can reduce the cellular and DNA damage that occurs daily, they cannot repair damage that occurs. ac11 is the first known natural product shown to improve DNA repair.

8. How does ac11 work?

Among other effects, ac11 promotes certain DNA repair functions in the cell. Although the exact mechanisms of action are not all completely understood, our scientists believe when the body is subjected to stress that may affect the integrity of the DNA (overexposure to the sun for example), ac11 helps activate enzymes that are instrumental in the repair processes. In a series of peer reviewed scientific and clinical studies conducted by third party laboratories and university medical centers, we have shown that ac11 helps the body’s natural ability to repair DNA.  Links to a number of articles analyzing the science behind ac11 may be found at ac11 Science.

9. Does ac11 help the body in any other ways?

Yes. ac11 helps stimulate natural production of collagen III, a form of collagen associated with soft, supple, youthful-looking skin.  As we age, our cells gradually produce less collagen III than they did when we were young.  However, laboratory research shows significant, measurable increases in collagen III production in adult skin cells treated with ac11 | ac11 also helps to normalize the expression of NF-KB in the cells, thereby regulating cellular response to inflammation. NF-KB is a nuclear transcription factor that influences numerous gene-encoding proteins important in apoptosis (programmed cell death), inflammation and cellular growth. A normal expression of NF-KB minimizes the hazards of excessive oxidative stress. An over-expression of NF-KB triggers increased inflammation. Finally, in a human study, ac11 demonstrated a positive effect on lymphocytes, increasing their life span and, by implication, enhancing the body’s immune system. Links to articles on some of these subjects may be found on ac11 Science.

10. What makes ac11 different from other Uncaria tomentosa products?

ac11 differs from all other Uncaria tomentosa products, some of which are sold under the common name “cat’s claw,” in that its molecular composition is unique by virtue of the Optigenex patented process.  ac11 is standardized, pure, completely water-soluble and micro-filtered to contain only low weight molecules (< 10,000 Daltons). ac11 is relatively alkaloid free (<0.05%) and is the only product available anywhere containing a patented class of CAE actives shown by extensive research to have healthy aging and natural DNA repair enhancement properties.  No other Uncaria tomentosa product can make these claims. ac11 moreover has been studied for efficacy and safety for over ten years.

11. How is the manufacture of ac11 quality controlled?

ac11 as sold strictly conforms to the unique specifications set by our manufacturing methods and standardization claims. We perform all of the standard industry-accepted tests to ensure that our product meets requirements for sale in the United States and other centers of commerce throughout the world. To make ac11 we engage the services of Centroflora Group in Botucatu, Brazil, a U.S. Department of Agriculture approved and ISO 9002 certified facility operated in accordance with FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) regulations and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, and one of the finest facilities in the world for the production of phytotherapic extracts.  Using proprietary equipment conceived and developed by our company, ac11 is manufactured by Centroflora under state-of-the-art conditions and we warrant our product’s conformance to its specifications as well as to applicable governmental regulations.  Interested parties may contact Optigenex in writing to request further information.

12. Is there any toxicity shown with ac11?

No. The LD-50 of ac11 is greater than 8,000mg/kilogram. The recommended daily dosage of ac11 in “stand alone” form is between 350 and 700mg (250 mg. minimum in products combining ac11 with other active ingredients) for a person weighing 150-200 lbs. (70-90 kilograms). ac11 purity is due to the clean, contaminant and chemical toxin-free rainforest environment in which the plant is harvested and processed, as well as the patented Optigenex molecular sieving (filtration) process. By contrast, mild toxicity with long term use often is observable in other “Uncaria” products, especially the water-insoluble, alkaloid based extracts. For more detailed information, interested parties may contact Optigenex in writing to request the company’s ac11 “Efficacy and Safety” profile (study report).

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